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Coastal Mobile Detail is a premier auto detailing company that has served Charlotte, NC, since 1999. We specialize in high-end auto detailing services for exotic cars, trucks, classics and other luxury vehicles. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch interior and exterior detailing services right at your doorstep.

High-End Auto Detailing Services In Charlotte

We understand that high-end vehicles require special attention and care. That’s why we take a meticulous approach to every detail job we undertake. Our mobile detailing service lets us come directly to you at home or in your garage. From the moment you contact us, we’ll work with you to develop a customized detailing plan tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We minimize the risk of damage to your prized vehicle during unnecessary transportation.

Our comprehensive range of high-end auto detailing services includes everything from a basic wash and wax to full-service interior and exterior detailing. Our goal is to help you maintain the appearance of your vehicle and protect its value with our meticulous attention to detail.

Interior Detailing

At Coastal Mobile Detail, we understand the importance of a clean interior for high-end luxury vehicles. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every inch of your vehicle’s interior is clean using a multi-step process. We start by vacuuming all surfaces, including carpets, mats, and seats, to remove any loose dirt and debris. Next, we use specialized cleaning solutions and tools to remove stains and grime from upholstery and leather surfaces. Our deep cleaning services also include steam cleaning for thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces.

Once the surfaces are thoroughly clean, we apply high-quality leather conditioning treatments that nourish and protect your car’s leather seats from cracking or fading. Our team takes pride in using only the highest quality products available today, ensuring long-lasting protection for your vehicle’s interior.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of your high-end vehicle requires special attention and care. Our team of experienced professionals uses a meticulous approach to every detail job we undertake, ensuring that your vehicle’s paint job shines like new after our services. We thoroughly wash the vehicle’s exterior with specialized cleaning products and equipment to remove dirt or grime. Next, we use clay bar treatments to remove stubborn contaminants, such as tar or tree sap, that regular washing cannot eliminate.

After removing all contaminants, our team applies a cutting-edge buffing process to remove any scratches or swirl marks from the paint surface. This step is crucial in restoring the original shine of your car’s paint job. Finally, we apply premium wax coatings for long-lasting protection against future damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollutants.

At Coastal Mobile Detail, we use only the best products and equipment available today, ensuring outstanding results every time. Our team has years of experience working with all types of luxury vehicles and understands the unique needs of maintaining these valuable assets. Trust us with your high-end luxury vehicle and experience the unparalleled care and attention to detail that Coastal Mobile Detail provides.

Save Time And Money With Our Heavy Vehicle Detailing

We’ve perfected the process of mobile large truck detailing and we’re ready to take on your fleet. Call us today or fill out our online form to get started with a free quote. 

Over 2 Decades Of High-End Auto Detailing Excellence

Coastal Mobile Detail is the go-to auto detailing company for high-end luxury vehicles in Charlotte, NC. With over two decades of experience, our team of professionals provides top-notch interior and exterior detailing services right at your doorstep. From basic wash and wax to full-service interior and exterior detailing, we use only the highest quality products and equipment available today to ensure your vehicle looks new. Trust us with your expensive investment, and rest assured that your car will receive the utmost care and attention from start to finish. Choose CM Detail for all of your high-end auto detailing needs.

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