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Detailing Dethroned! Forget DIY Disasters, Embrace Coastal Mobile Detailing's Auto Spa Experience

Ditch the elbow grease and banish the bucket blues. Leave DIY disasters in the dust and experience the ultimate auto spa treatment with Coastal Mobile Detailing’s comprehensive auto detailing packages. We’ll handle the hard work, from meticulous paint polishing to sparkling interior rejuvenation, while you relax and rediscover the joy of a truly pristine car.

Are you eager to dive into the specifics? Explore our curated selection of packages below, designed to cater to every budget and need. Whether you crave a quick “Wash & Wax” refresh or a luxurious “Tidal Wave” makeover, we have something that’ll leave your car gleaming with satisfaction.

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First Wave

Don't let a tight budget dim your car's shine. The First Wave package packs a powerful punch for its price, starting at $199.

Starting at $199

Exterior Wash
Wheel and Wheel Well Cleaning
Slip Stream Application (30 Day Protection)
Tire Dressing
Window and Mirror Cleaning
Wipe Down Panels, Dash and Cupholders
Interior Vacuum
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Second Wave

Beyond the surface shine. Second Wave delivers machine wax, headliner to carpet deep clean, and meticulous interior detailing - Starting at $399.

Starting at $399

Exterior Wash
Wheel and Wheel Well Cleaning / Tire and Molding Dressing
Machine Wax
Vacuum Interior
Clean Headliner, Carpets, Mats, and Upholstery
Clean and Condition Leather
Clean Windows and Mirrors
Clean Panels, Dash, Console, Cupholders, Vents, Cracks and Crevices
Interior Dressing
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Third Wave

Mirror-like shine meets long-lasting protection. Third Wave: ceramic coating, deep interior rejuvenation, and an immaculate finish - starting at $499

Starting at $499

Exterior Wash and Decontaminate Paint Suface
Apply Jade/Jet Ceramic (2 Year Protection)
Wheel and Wheel Well Cleaning / Tire and Molding Dressing
Vacuum Interior
Clean Headliner, Carpets, Mats, and Upholstery
Clean and Condition Leather
Clean Windows and Mirrors
Clean Panels, Dash, Console, Cupholders, Vents, Cracks and Crevices
Interior Dressing
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Tidal Wave

The Tidal Wave isn't just a detail, it's an investment in automotive bliss. Indulge your car, and yourself, in the ultimate transformation. - Starting at $1,399.

Starting at $1,399

Wash Interiors
Decontaminate Paint
Clean Wheels and Wheel Wells
Tape Off All Moldings
Compound Paint (Removes Defects)
Light Compound (Removes Swirls)
Rewash Vehicle To Remove Compound Dust
Apply Jade Ceramic Coating (5 Year Protection)
Dress Tires and Molding

Don't Just Wash, Wow: Why Professional Detailing Makes Your Car More Than Just a Ride

Sure, a quick spin through the car wash might seem sufficient, but there’s a world of difference between a basic clean and a professional detailing. Consider it the metamorphosis of your beloved car, transforming it from a trusty steed into a gleaming showstopper. Here’s why professional detailing should be your next automotive adventure:

1. Beyond the Surface: While a regular wash tackles mud and grime, professional detailing delves deeper. Think of it as a spa day for your car, meticulously removing stubborn contaminants like swirl marks, tar, and even embedded dirt that regular washing misses. The result? A paintwork that shines like a mirror, reflecting not just the sunlight, but your dedication to its immaculate care.

2. Protection is Key: Professional detailing isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about safeguarding your investment. Expert application of waxes, sealants, or even ceramic coatings creates a protective barrier against the elements, shielding your car from UV rays, bird droppings, and road salt. This not only preserves the pristine look but also prevents long-term damage, saving you money and heartache down the line.

3. Breathe Easy, Drive Happy: Your car’s interior is more than just seats and a steering wheel; it’s your personal sanctuary. Professional detailing deep-cleans every nook and cranny, eliminating dust, allergens, and lingering odors. Imagine sinking into a fresh-smelling, sanitized haven, free from the worries of hidden grime and potential allergy triggers. It’s a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.

4. Pride on Wheels: Let’s face it, a clean car simply feels good. It’s a reflection of your personality, your attention to detail, and your appreciation for quality. Stepping into a professionally detailed car is like slipping into a perfectly tailored suit; it boosts your confidence and makes you feel ready to conquer the road in style.

So, ditch the bucket and embrace the transformative power of professional detailing. It’s an investment in your car, your health, and your sense of pride. Remember, your car deserves more than just a wash; it deserves the Coastal Mobile Detailing treatment.

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Professional Detailing Services For Your Entire Fleet

Whether it’s 10 vehicles or 100, Coastal Mobile Detail keeps your company vehicles looking their best. We specialize in efficient mobile detailing services, and we can handle it all, big or small!

The Benefits Of Professional Fleet Detailing Services

There are many benefits to having a professional company like CM Detail detail your fleet vehicles. One significant advantage is that it helps maintain the value of your investment. Regular detailing can help prevent wear and tear on your vehicle’s surfaces, leading to costly repairs down the line. Another benefit is that a well-maintained fleet projects a positive image for your business. Customers notice when a company takes pride in its appearance, which can increase loyalty and trust. Finally, regular detailing can improve safety by ensuring all surfaces are free from dirt or debris that could obstruct vision or cause accidents.

At CM Detail, we understand how important it is to keep your fleet looking its best. Let us help you maintain the value of your investment while projecting a positive image for your business with our expert fleet detailing services.

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